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With God there is hope.


Life has seasons of joy and pain.  Whether you are dealing with illness, grief, addiction – or whatever life has thrown at you – we are here. Count on us to listen and to provide help in whatever ways we can. Browse this section for resources or contact the church office for more information at 414-342-5252 or email at




We believe in the power of prayer. If you would like someone to pray with you or would like to share a prayer request please contact us at 414-342-5252 or email your request to  Each prayer request will be sent via email to Prayer Team members to pray for you (unless otherwise instructed).


We would also be pleased to pray for you in person about your situation or needs. Join us in person during the week at one of our worship services and we would be happy to pray for you.


In addition, prayer boxes are located in the Office Lobby and Narthex for your convenience. Feel free to write out your prayer request and drop it in the Prayer Box.


“Cast all your cares on Him, because He cares about you”. 1 Peter 5:7


Support Groups


Life can come with struggles and challenges.  You aren’t meant to go through them alone. Our Savior’s hosts the following support groups:


Narcotics Anonymous (NA) I’m a Winner Today

9:30am Every Saturday




Are you or a loved one in the hospital, in a nursing home, hospice or at home and desire prayer or a visit? We would be happy to provide you with support. Contact the church office at 414-342-5252 or email at




Losing a loved one is never easy, but it helps to have people surround with love and comfort during your grieving. We are available to:


·         Provide pastoral support

·         Host and preside over funerals

·         Host optional on-site funeral receptions


For further assistance or to report a death of a congregational member please contact us at 414-342-5252 or email her at 


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