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music ministries

Music at the Sunday worship service is drawn from Christians around the world. Global Christian music reminds us that Our Savior's is a small part of the worldwide church of believers. By including music from many cultures in our worship, we become aware of Christians throughout the world, strengthening the bond between us. Together we praise the God of all people.

Bob Foley (top right) directs the 3AM group that leads the singing.

Organist John Seboldt plays the organ with a keen ear to congregational participation, to the point of dropping out and listening to people sing once in a while! He'll also pull out spirited organ music that uses the Casavant organ to its fullest. Never one to be completely limited to the classics, he'll also use other keyboards and advocates a full range of Christian song at the service and elsewhere.

For a full specification of the Casavant Organ click here.

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